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The Instrument Graveyard

The Scattered Remains of the Imperia's Voyage Log

The Infamous Ocean-Borns
9 November
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Once, in a land far away, there were two young gentlemen in waistcoats and derby hats. Neither could resist the call of the dirigible, and so they combined their creative powers and built the most beautiful specimen of lighter-than-aircraft ever known to man: the Imperia.

Her maiden voyage took the gentlemen high above the earth, and afforded them unobstructed views of all the ocean's beauty (as well as clean air, for it was from a filthy, modern city that they made their great escape).

Alas, the voyage was to end in tragedy.

A terrible storm swallowed them, and Imperia crashed and dashed herself to matchwood on the New Hampshire coast. An enraged cry split the skies. In the end, the only parts salvageable were the instruments used by the crew.

In order to begin again in this strange new world with new names and faces, the two gentlemen had to earn their living by crafting expert folk cabaret music.

One day soon, they will take to the skies again and reclaim the ocean that is theirs in the dirigible that they loved.

Such is the tale of the Ocean-Borns.


Greetings, all!

This here is the online journal/blog/free therapy/confessional/noise board/junk drawer of The Infamous Ocean-Borns, the New Hampshire-based Maritime Cabaret Punk band.

Here you will find, in addition to current events with the band, all of our thoughts, hopes, fears, plans, complaints, threats...oh, and tour dates, if ever there are tour dates.

We encourage friending us. We like to know who's reading about us, and we like people in general (as long as they are nice people). Also, friending us earns you a place of honor on our Arson Brigade page.

Join us in the Courtesy Revolution!

Love and squalor,

~The Infamous Ocean-Borns