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19 May 2009 @ 08:04 pm
A Confession and Some New Songs  
       In our last post, we mentioned that we had a vaguely successful session. This is why: my heart wasn't in it this time. I think mostly my stupid self-centered God complex self felt like I am not needed anymore. Take careful note, wannabe bands: duos really should not, as a rule, play the same instrument exclusively. This is just another thing we will need to work through and it is not by any means the end of the band. I am just going through a weird patch of teenage anxiety at the moment which will hopefully pass soon. I have some Ideas for making future sessions easier. I will slide into a small role as the Bassist, which the All-Knowing Wikipedia says is not limited to bass guitars, but can in fact be one who plays basslines on keyboards, too. Jordan suggested that since I have all the equipment here, I should record some stuff, and I should, but it simply wouldn't be the same. It lacks the energy and the interplay that makes us a band rather than two people with our own agendas and our own ideas. We both want to see our songs do things. He has his, I have mine, but there is always room for revision between the two of us. That's what makes (inside reference ahead, those of you who know what our demo record sounds like) Piano Abuse (parts 0, 1, and 2) sound pretty cool. We throw things at one another and we take the cues and do things with them.
     In other news, I have written several new songs as of late after a long dry spell. Working titles so far: The Last ("Kill me all you want, I will be The Last"), A Year on Earth (Dust) ("Hold no illusions, dearest, I'm sure I die a thousand times alone before I find the one") and most recently, A Million Tiny People Crushed By A Million Copies of You ("I hold in my hand all you ever wanted to be, all the things that you left unseen"). I have no guarantee that any of them will ever see the light of day because none of them are that good, being written from the angsty patch of oddities. OK, the first and the last are tolerable, but the middle is far too rhapsodical to hold its own. Also, they are like studies in dissonance.
      Also, this venue sounds amazing and I want it to be inside of me. Er, um, that is, to be inside of it. Even if I am not, by definition, a Starving Artist.
Current Mood: curioussigh
Current Music: A Million Tiny People Crushed By A Million Copies of You - TIOB