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29 June 2009 @ 11:36 pm
I Need Someone to Shake Me and Say...  
So I've gone Christian Bale on myself.
"Shut the ____ up."

I have tried to drown myself in words.

I have almost succeeded.

I have discovered other Mandy Palmer songs, most notably and painfully, Straight (In The End). It mocks me. It knows me. Essentially, I have found that this weather mirrors my emotion. Whether this is a self-fulfilling prophecy is debatable. I feel as though I can only do work when it's sunny. I have solar-powered inspiration. Mainly, I just wanted to get rid of the negativity I laid down in the last post I made because I'm an idiot.
But I finally nipped out to purchase Yes, Virginia. If you do not own this record, you are a failure at consuming music. So good. In any case, today has been cloudy, but we saw the sun for a little bit.
I miss the moon.

I think I want tea. Yes, that would be nice.

I am fairly convinced that the Internet Hate Machine is spreading.INTERNET HATE MACHINE

Be warned.

I love you all.

-Sam, the one who really could shut up once in his whole life.
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