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23 April 2009 @ 09:40 pm
Lighthouses, Typhoons, and Bergs, Oh My!  
Good evening.

Today, on a whim and a coffee buzz, I decided to wander around in the woods.

This was a mistake.

Several muggy hours later, I stumbled out of the forest, evicted at least four ticks from my person, and decided that such a beautiful day would be better spent indoors, with the safety of my nice, clean piano.

Now...we, that is, The Infamous Ocean-Borns, describe our sound as "maritime punk cabaret" (or...we did, until fairly recently, when the sheer number of blank stares that this phrase elicited became entirely too much to bear; we decided, for the sake of our own sanity, to take shelter under the larger, slightly better-known genre known as dark cabaret). But I shall explain our original genre of choice--and I shall do it here, on the internet, where everything lasts forever.

Maritime punk cabaret, in the barest, most easily digestible of terms, is like regular punk cabaret music (e.g., Reverend Glasseye, DeVotchKa, dare we even say The Dresden Dolls), but ever so slightly...saltier.

Our lyrics, in addition to being dark, gloomy, introspective, melodramatic, and caustically witty (we hope), often pertain to things which are found on, near, or around the ocean (aha! Maritime!). For example, we have been known to write songs about sinking ships, mythical sea creatures, lighthouses, and the occasional wayward cabin boy.

Why? Because we can.

(Also, we are New Hampshire natives, and we do not have much else going on.)

So. That is what it means to be maritime punk cabaret. Perhaps someday we shall return to the paltry shade of that umbrella.

Maybe once we get the Imperia flying again.


~Jordan (the one with the thoroughly reprehensible wardrobe)
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