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18 April 2009 @ 01:11 pm
There at the pier, I waited for hours. Where were you?  
 Me: 15, dark hair, brown eyes, deliciously evil. Sitting at the piano at home for hours on hours.
You: A muse of inspiration. Gorgeous. Watching me from the window, smirking.

I used to know you. Muse, you used to be there for me, and now have I exhausted you? O, sing in me, muse, of anything. I have been waiting here... for years and years. I have been waiting for you.

I haven't written a good song in weeks now. I can't write. I can't think. I can't play. This world hold nothing for me about which I can sing, and I'm upset. Jordan has experienced this, after his great mid-February song, but even piano ballads escape my grasp. What epoch marked this? Why, gods, am I to be separated from that art that I so treasure?I have turned to ever darker places of inspiration, to grimoires filled to the brim with ritual. And there is nothing in there for me. 

Well, I guess I can throw in some somewhat interesting band info:
We use several instruments.
Euphemia, who usually takes the role of lead piano is a Korg SP-250.
Chordelia , Jordan's loverly keyboard, is a CASIO of some kind. ETA: upon further research, I think she is a CTK-551.
Sophronia, our traveling minstrel keyboard, liberated from a garbage pile at my high school is a Casiotone MT-240.
Odessa is a Seagull Acoustic guitar. You haven't heard of her because she has not been present in any of our songs.
Jordan pumps his lovely baritone voice into Delilah, a Samson (i c wot u did there) C01 Studio Condenser mic.
All of this goes down some Monster cables into a Mackie 402-VLZ3 mixer into the computer, where I use Audacity to clean everything up.
There. Now you, too, can duplicate the Ocean-Born Sound™. When the Imperia Memorial Orchestra arrives, we'll deal you the information on them, too.

-Sam (The bothersome one)

P.S. Turns out whining about something helps sometimes.

Current Mood: blankempty
Current Music: Green Lights - The Infamous Ocean-Borns