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12 April 2009 @ 06:25 pm
An Easter Miracle  
Namely, the Resurrection...

...of my songwriting abilities. Huzzah!

Not that they'd ever died, of course. Rather, there was a great song produced mid-February, and it took a lot out of me, and there followed a dry spell that had me hunched over my piano in the dark, playing the same Low song over and over...and over...like a complete loon....

But apparently I am better now. Today I wrote two new songs (well...1.6 new songs). The first song, I am delighted with, because it is upbeat and makes use of synthesizers and ironic wit. The second is not finished to my liking, and is much slower and more (more, more, MORE!!) minimalist.

How has your weekend been, kiddies? Mine's been a lark. I spent the latter half of Friday with this hypercool Pentecostal jam band (so hypercool, indeed, that they do not even have a name), playing a GORGEOUS grand piano that echoed around the function hall that was its home. And Saturday was spent in the house of a good friend of mine. There was a piano there as well, and it was just out of tune enough to make me decide that all of my songs should be played on a slightly-out-of-tune piano. Also, this friend supplied me with three CDs worth of music, and music maketh Jordan happy.

And today, after I had exhausted myself on my own little piano (my Chordelia, my love, my light, my sustain pedal-less wonder), I drove around in the countryside and hummed my own little creation to myself.

And it was good.

Happy Easter, everyone!

~Jordan (the loud one)
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